Cruise IX - Genesis

Welcome to the Cruise IX CODm¬† Tournament – Genesis, where the seas of positivity meet the shores of gaming bliss. Get ready to embark on an uplifting online gaming tournament that’s all about camaraderie, respect, and the joy of play.


At Cruise IX, we believe in gaming as a force for good. Here’s why our tournament is a beacon of positivity;

All Smiles Welcome:
Whether you’re a gaming guru or a joyous novice, everyone is invited to join in the positive play.

Kindness Wins:
Our tournament is fueled by kindness, respect, and the uplifting spirit of sportsmanship. Spread good vibes on the virtual seas!

Joyful Rewards:
Compete for prizes that not only include Cruise IX exclusives but also spread positivity in every pixel.

Unity Crew:
Join forces with a crew of positive players, share laughter, and forge connections within the Cruise IX gaming community.



Join Us In Making An Impact

Let's unite in creating memorable experiences and making a lasting impact. Together, we can amplify the celebration of life and the arts. Join hands with us and let's create something extraordinary!